Steam Link Game Streaming App Now Available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

The app allows users to play with their Steam games on Apple’s devices although they’re in reality running and being rendered on a powerful enough PC, as long as they’ve a high-speed local Wi-Fi network.

A statement released by Valve attributed this to”business conflicts” that Apple stated its first review team had missed. The conflicts in question arose from the simple fact that consumers can purchase games through Steam using the app.

Apple has on many occasions denied approval for apps that allow consumers to make purchases without moving through the App Store, which gives Apple a proportion of the transaction. Valve stated that it’d pointed out to Apple the Steam Link app works like a remote desktop application, of which there are many from the App Store, and as such users are actually making purchases through the desktop Steam customer. However, Apple rejected this argument. The company later said it had been working with Valve to clear the program.

Now, the Steam Link app is now available for iPhones, iPads, the iPod touch, and the Apple TV, but the approved variant does not let users buy Steam games. It is unclear why the approval process has taken a complete year. The program was accessible for Android for some time . Steam users will require a 5GHz Wi-Fi system and Valve recommends that the PC running Steam should be connected to the Wi-Fi router with an Ethernet cable. The program will operate over a local network in a user’s home or office.

Many Made For iPhone/iPad accredited accessories including game controllers are supported as well. Valve states that the target quality for streaming would be 1080p at 60fps, but with a strong enough PC and strong network connectivity, 4K 60fps streaming is potential. The business has developed a custom made low-latency system protocol and uses H.264 video compression to deliver game visuals across the network.

The Steam Link app can be obtained for free. Valve used to sell a little set-top box named Steam Link which enabled precisely the exact same kind of game streaming to a TV, but the product has since been withdrawn. Users may also download Steam Link applications to operate on a Raspberry Pi. Valve also recently announced Steam Link Anywhere, which will let users stream matches over the Internet from where they are.