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With experience and the knowledge acquired from experiences, these tips and tricks for first time travelers to Malaysia will definitely make your trip hassle free and smooth as ever. Traveling to Malaysia comes easy with the below-mentioned hacks and affordable Malaysia packages available online and offline. We hope that these tips will help you get around the country and have the fun you have always wanted.

  1. Beware of credit card frauds

The credit card frauds and other petty crimes like purse snatching are common in small areas of Malaysia. Therefore, it is a very good idea to keep an eye on your credit card bills when paying at restaurants or clubs or even small grocery stores.

2. No extra tips

Whenever you are pleased with the service provided for commute or dining in places, be sure to not pay extra tips. If you are particularly impressed, it is always a good idea to ask and then pay. The last thing you want to do is offend someone and get unwanted attention.

3. Drink plenty of water

Malaysia is pretty hot and humid. Therefore when in Malaysia, it is a good idea to always stay hydrated. Carry your own water or buy bottled and packaged water whenever traveling around Malaysia.

4. Local transport

The local transport system in Malaysia comprises of bus and rail networks. The domestic flights are pretty cheap too. While you can always hire an Uber, we recommend taking the local transport and keep the trip budget friendly.

5. Watch your toiletries bag

It is strictly prohibited to carry toiletries, makeup, cosmetic and perfumes collectively more that RM 200 which is equivalent to USD 50. If you are carrying items more than that worth, you are eligible for a fine.

6. Rules around tobacco and wine

You are only allowed to carry two hundred cigarettes, fifty cigars or two hundred and twenty-five grams of tobacco in duty free without customs duty. Only one liter of malt, wine or any other spirits is allowed per person. Adhere to the rules or you might have to pay heavy fines.

7. Fines of questionable substances

Always check your bags for questionable substances including pot and hash. Malaysia is a conservative country unlike Thailand and Singapore and you are eligible to devote a large sum of fine, time and energy towards the procedure which will take away a lot of fun from your trip.

8. Do not forget your health insurance

Malaysia has pretty basic healthcare services. Some urban areas can provide the needful but traveling with a health insurance always helps in getting efficient medical attention if and when needed in Malaysia.

9. Dress appropriately

Please note that Malaysia is predominantly an Islamic country and therefore very conservative. It is important to dress appropriately to avoid getting unwanted attention. Carry light and soft clothing items that will absorb sweat and keep your body temperature intact and thereby help you travel comfortably.