Tweetdeck for Mac Updated, Reducing Memory Usage and Fixing Major Crash Issue

Tweetdeck, a popular dashboard-style application and Web client for Twitter, Has Existed for a while and Is Now one of the most Well-known clients for Its micro-blogging Support.

Available for macOS and Google Chrome, Tweetdeck enables users to manage multiple accounts, viewing the timeline and posting to the right account when required. The prevalence of this application led Twitter to obtain the service in 2011. Tweetdeck has now updated its macOS application, with the update now rolling out on compatible devices.

The latest update for Tweetdeck is rolling out today for macOS apparatus, and contains some key improvements listed in the changelog. This includes a shift in the old webview implementation using a contemporary perspective based on WKWebView. However, most current Mac devices run newer versions of this operating platform, and won’t be adversely affected by the shift.

Other changes include a decrease in memory use, adjusting the capacity to link Twitter accounts through Teams, along with a major fix to some crash problem that is thought to have impacted a large number of users. This fix will make the app much more stable as well. The update is available to download via the Mac App Store, and is only 2.9MB in size. As we said, Tweetdeck is also available as a Web client through its website which can be opened on many browsers, and may individually be installed as a Google Chrome program.

It is among the most popular Twitter clients together with the official Twitter programs, and is largely targeted at users operating business accounts on Twitter, or for those who have many accounts. The feature set allows a fair quantity of flexibility, together with a column-based interface for seeing action on various accounts. Twitter last year discontinued that the Twitter for Mac program, instead encouraging users to use the Web interface through a browser.