The Promoted Trend Spotlight ads set a big visual banner armed with a GIF or picture desktop atop the Explore tab, TechCrunch reported Thursday.Twitter Tests New Advertisement Strategy for Trending Topics

The banners look for the first two times per user visits that day, according to the report.

Twitter earlier replaced the Minutes feature with Research that serves as the house for discovering what’s happening on Twitter, including trends.

The Promoted Trend Spotlight advertisements are bought as an add-on to the existing Promoted Trends ads that are inserted amongst the list of Twitter’s most well-known topics, the TechCrunch report said.

“We are continuing to explore new ways to enhance our takeover offerings and provide brands more high-impact opportunities to induce dialog and brand awareness on the platform,” that a Twitter spokesperson was quoted as stating.

When tapped, advertisements under Promoted Trend Spotlight would open a feed of tweets with among the advertiser’s associated tweets at the top.