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WhatsApp has Allegedly Started testing the Collection invitation Management feature in Android, a feature That Will Enable users to decide who can add them into a group.

As a result of the nifty feature, users may avoid being added to a WhatsApp group with no permission and provides them with three degrees of control over becoming members of a WhatsApp group. It can expected to be added soon once the bugs and glitches have been ironed out.

The group invitation management attribute seen from the WhatsApp beta upgrade (version 2.19.55) is basically the exact same attribute that was released via a beta upgrade for iOS TestFlight users. As stated previously, the feature is currently under the early phase of development and isn’t widely available to all members of the WhatsApp beta program for Android. The feature’s coming on the Android platform through the beta station was seen by WABetaInfo.

The team invitation feature was not visible in the WhatsApp beta for Android in the time of writing, as checked in two different builds –variant 2.19.55 and variant 2.19.56. There’s no word when this feature will be made available to beta testers, neither is there some information when it’ll be rolled out through the stable channel.

WhatsApp group invitation management feature spottedPhoto Credit: WABetaInfo

In terms of the group invitation attribute itself, it may be accessed by going through this path on WhatsApp’s Android customer: Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups, WABetaInfo claims. The Everybody option will allow any WhatsApp user to include one to a group with no necessity to send an invitation and wait for approval.

The My Contacts alternative will only allow users in somebody’s contact list to include users to some WhatsApp group without needing to send an invitation, whereas the rest will probably be requested to send an invitation first that users can choose to accept or decline. The Nobody setting will stop everybody from adding users to a group. Once that option is enabled, users will receive an invitation if an admin wants to add them into some WhatsApp group.