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Because of appalling leadership in the areas of government and economics and finance and business many jobs are on the line. As a result of selfish irresponsible leadership in the finance houses and banking centre in London and the United States of America many may not only lose their jobs but they may also have to lose their homes because of the decisions of others.
Will Downing Street, London, and The White House in Washington, be able to rise and give leadership at this critical time in the lives of millions?
Do we have leaders who can lead with integrity and honesty and unselfishness or are these qualities old fashioned and out of fashion and dead?
Leadership is going to be more important in 2011 than perhaps in any period of my lifetime.
The type of leadership required in these present days will need to be of the calibre shown and demonstrated during what is called The Second World War.
Let me demonstrate by going to look at leadership as described in the Word of God, because we cannot improve upon that, and we need the best and the finest and the highest.
Caleb, along with Joshua, under the leadership of Moses, waited forty years to get out of the wilderness, and it was not their fault they were in the wilderness all this time. Caleb and Joshua were rewarded. They were rewarded, not with obscene bonuses, but with fruitful consequences of much more value.
It always pays to wait patiently, no matter how hard it might appear at the time, and waiting for forty years is one long wait.
The disciples of Jesus had to wait patiently until Jesus poured out the Holy Spirit.
Waiting is seldom easy.
Hard times can test people in an inspiringly positive way, whilst others are paralysed when faced with the wilderness.
Samuel anointed David to be king. David defeated Goliath. King Saul chose David for his musical abilities. Soldiers appreciated David’s leadership qualities, writing songs about him.
Then, his life fell apart.
He lost his job and his marriage failed. His ‘pastor’ died, and he was hunted by King Saul.
Jealousy can make even a king take drastic action.
David went and hid in a cave. Was he going to die there? Is this it?
There was nothing he could do to change the predicament he was in, except trust in God.
His security and ‘success’ had been quite fragile.
There is not much future for you when you end up in a cave, unless you are looking to God and trusting in God.
David must have experienced some low days during his period in hiding. For him it was a season in the wilderness, but if you can handle the wilderness you can cope with almost anything.
Much of God’s best work in men’s lives is done when they are shut up in a cave.
Lessons can be learned in this school which cannot be taught in a boardroom or palace.
Peter and Paul both learned the hard way, but these were mighty leaders and they were raised up by Almighty God for their day and for the specific needs of that time.
These men were spiritual and moral giants whose leadership could be trusted totally.
Will there be people who will look to Almighty God to raise up leaders of integrity in the weeks and months which lies ahead?
Sandy Shaw