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South India is a place witnessing thousands of tourists every year. The number is steadily increasing over the years due to a variety of factors. The existence of some of the world-class destinations coupled with promotions by the tourism department has resulted in significant growth of tourism in this region.
How different kinds of spots attract visitors.
South India is a house to a mixture of destinations that are very different in nature compared to each other. For example, there are places with historical monuments and palaces. At the same time there are recreational hill stations that have been constructed just a 100 years back. The list goes on and includes spots like theme parks, some of the world’s longest beaches, gigantic dams, boat houses and so on.
How cost of travel attracts tourists.
Cost of travel in South India is extremely cheap when compared with that of south-east Asian nations like Singapore. A 1000 dollar is more than enough to spend a month here. In fact, the cost of travel is cheaper than visiting northern parts of India itself.
Condition of Roads
Roads are pretty good in this part of the world. The three big metros namely Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore are completely connected to each other through express four-way roads where you will enjoy driving. This triangular connection of roads covers several hundreds if not thousands of kilometers. Most of the best tourist spots can be reached out easily from branches that emanate out of these roads.
Tourism department is doing outstanding work
South India has at least four states with tourism departments run by the respective governments. These departments are striving hard to attract and help tourists. Their services include running boarding hotels, buses etc. They have created several packages that are economical as well cover several destinations in a single round trip. Alternatively if you are someone who likes privacy, the department officials can help you by arranging cabs. You can even opt for guide if required.
Safety place with friendly people
Southern part of Indian subcontinent is one of the safest ever with friendly people who are known for their hospitality. Unlike northern part of the country, these people speak English (British slang) very well. This alleviates most of your troubles in visiting a foreign country.
To conclude, heterogeneous nature of tourist destinations, cheap travel, good connectivity, safety and friendly people are the three major factors that attract tourists.