Windows 10 October 2018 Update Adoption Far Lower Than April Update: AdDuplex

Windows 10 October 2018 Update, That was Originally pulled down after a number of bugs were Found, has emerged as the least successful Windows 10 Upgrade.

The adoption of the October 2018 Update that was released as the version 1809 back in October last year is significantly lower compared to that of the April 2018 Update (variant 1803). The April 2018 update continues to lead the Windows 10 family globally, according to a report. Earlier this month, Microsoft started rolling out the October update automatically to users in phases to increase the adoption. It, however, appears that the new version wasn’t able to make it to the adoption speed of the prior April update. The very first final version of Windows 10 premiered back in 2015 and also the operating system has since received seven major updates.

Out of more than 100,000 PCs surveyed, just 12.4 percent operate the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, AdDuplex said in its own report for the month of January. This is similar to the April 2018 Update that retains its leadership with 80.2 percent. Having said this, the adoption of the October update is almost double from the 5.7 percentage share reported last month.

Microsoft attracted that the Windows 10 October 2018 Update initially in early October this past year, but it immediately pulled the new variant from distribution because of a serious bug which majorly affected users’ private data. Several users had reported that they confront deletion of the whole Documents and Picture folders accessible on their programs. While the very first bug was to be repaired publicly, various users spotted another bug which affected the handling of ZIP files and resulted in some data loss due to inaccurately transferring the contents of ZIP files.

Microsoft Windows 10 October upgrade has been set up on just over 12% of the surveyed machines

All this pushed Microsoft to release the October 2018 Update in small batches – to keep an eye on the initial troubles. However, streamlining the update negatively affected its adoption. The Redmond firm, consequently, earlier this month, started rolling out the latest Windows 10 update with the ability to make it installed on systems mechanically .

The current change may help Microsoft raise the install base of this Windows 10 October 2018 Update to a extent. Nonetheless, the company is also thought to bring the next Windows 10 update in the coming future. The update is very likely to strike compatible systems sometime in the first half of this season.

“With just a couple of months to go before another Windows 10 update is supposed to really go mainstream, it’s unclear if some PCs may have to set up two big updates in a brief period of time or move straight from A18U into 19H1,” AdDuplex stated in the report.