It had been forever delayed after the studio decided to spend more time polishing the match. While the launch window for Below is slated for 2018, for Steam and Xbox One, it appears that Below could be making it into the PS4 and Nintendo Switch later all. According to an interview with, Below’s director, Kris Pitriowski suggested it won’t be console exclusive to the Xbox One when asked about which platforms we could see Below on second and if there are plans to get a physical edition of the match.Xbox One-Exclusive Below Could Come to Nintendo Switch and PS4: Capybara Games
“As far as the physical launch, I am not sure about that. I’d love to release a game that comes in a tiny box. We’ve been talking to some distributors about performing some special variants, but that’s just something we’ve been thinking about, none of that has been finalised. Ideally it comes out in a means that isn’t just electronic, I enjoy putting together little custom boxes and stuff like that! Like things which players may hold on, and help them be fans,” he said before agreeing of the possibility of Below coming into the PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

“As it pertains to other programs, right now we’re just announcing Xbox and Steam. Beyond that, I can not say, right now.”

It would be interesting to see if this is indeed the case as in the instant Below is a console exclusive to the Xbox One and Pitriowski’s statement suggests it might end up being a Xbox One exclusive. With the Xbox One eventually getting Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice without a Man’s Sky, it’d be good to see Below hit a wider audience. Particularly when you consider how badly the Xbox One was selling in most markets.