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Xiaomi recently Declared that it won’t be providing Applications support to Mi 5 and Redmi Note 3 Telephones , and the Firm has added two more Mobiles to This list.

Xiaomi Mi Max and Xiaomi Mi Max Prime applications service can be ending, the business has confirmed. The growth of MIUI ROM – both international and China – will probably be suspended moving ahead for both the phones. The previous development version for its Mi Max and Mi Max Prime was MIUI 9.2.28, and the latest stable MIUI 10.3 update will be released for the phones in April.

Xiaomi has confirmed the information on the MIUI Forums, and stated that the previous development version for its Mi Max and Mi Max Prime premiered on March 1, and no longer beta upgrades will be published going ahead. What’s more, the final stable version MIUI 10.3 will probably be released for the 2 phones in April, after which no applications service will be provided.

“Due to the comprehensive factors such as device launch date, device activity & stability and applications experience, MIUI has released the last development version of 9.2.28 on March 1, 2019, that’s the last development version of Xiaomi Max and Xiaomi Max Prime. Both of these devices will no longer support following version updates. At precisely the exact same time, we have also prepared a stable variant of the upgrade program, Mi lovers may keep the development version or program an update to the following MIUI 10.3 stable version (expected to be released in April),” Xiaomi explains on its own forums.