Xiaomi Mint Browser With Dark Mode, Voice Search, 'AdFree' Experience Launched via Google Play

Xiaomi has Established a Brand-new mobile browser for Android Because its latest software offering.
The browser can be obtained not just to get Xiaomi smartphones, but Android smartphones from other brands too. Taking on a large number of browser makers such as Google, Mozilla, UCWeb, and Opera, Xiaomi has launched a mobile browser, called Mint Browser, by uploading to Google Play. The new Internet browsing program weighs under 12MB and is well known to offer a safe, ad-free experience.
Xiaomi Mint Browser features
Similar to other browsers such as Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox, Xiaomi’s Mint Browser offers a multi-tabbing Internet browsing experience alongside providing an Incognito Mode. There is also an inbuilt Dark Mode that inverts the colors of your pages to provide you with a cozy Web browsing under low light. The Mint Browser also lets you change from one user agent to another and Choose the iPhone or Desktop version of your favourite websites

Xiaomi’s Mint Browser welcomes you with a homepage that shows a listing of pre-selected sites. You may even add your favourite websites by tapping the Insert button. Similarly, you can delete any of those pre-selected sites by pressing and holding their shortcuts. The browser also has a search bar on top of the homepage which lets you pass your inquiries to search engines. You can choose between options such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

The Mint Browser also enables you to create voice searches. There is a dedicated mic icon on the site that enables voice searches via Google Voice Search.

Similar to other browser programs, Xiaomi’s Mint Browser lets you manage your downloads and delete or add history and bookmarks. The browser also has a committed Dark Mode that it is possible to turn on after obtaining the main menu by tapping the hamburger icon.

The Mint Browser also contains a dedicated choice to reduce data usage. But, unlike Opera Minithat renders webpages onto a dedicated host to make the surfing experience quicker for consumers, Xiaomi’s offering uses the traditional direction of loading webpages. The option to reduce data use essentially disables all the images and other components from pages to make them load faster and consume lesser data than what’s in the default state.

Xiaomi has provided general capabilities such as the pinch-to-zoom performance to zoom into pages in addition to attributes like Incognito Mode and Reading Mode. The Mint Browser also offers the choice to switch from 1 user agent string to another. Further, there is an choice to switch the style of this multi-window management from vertical to horizontal perspective. As a consequence, you can view multiple tabs around the Mint Browser either in vertical perspective or horizontal view.

Originally, Xiaomi is promising that the Mint Browser as an”AdFree” Internet browsing app for Android users. The business is, however, infamous for pushing advertisements to its MIUI-based smartphones and PatchWall-running Mi TVs.

How to download Xiaomi Mint Browser
You May download Xiaomi’s Mint Browser straight from Google Play. As an alternative, you can download its own APK file out of APK Mirror. The app is 11MB in size and needs Android 4.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and over.