The cause of this movement is to make sure it reaches more players through YouTube instead of a specialised, standalone website and program. Existing features like Super Chat and Channel Memberships will soon be transported over into the primary YouTube experience. YouTube Gaming Website Shutdown, App to Be Phased Out as Well
“We’ve got a robust and energetic audience about the YouTube Gaming program, but the number of players we can achieve is much larger on YouTube,” composed YouTube’s Manager of Product Management, Christina Chen about the organization’s official website. “After all, YouTube is at which over 200 million players come to participate with your favourite games and founders each and every single day, seeing over 50 billion hours of gambling content in the previous 12 months . That is whyin March 2019, we will retire the YouTube Gaming program and concentrate all our gambling attempts around YouTube where we could reach our whole gaming community”

Throughout its India release back in 2016, YouTube Gambling consumption tendencies in the country have been skewed towards matches on traditional formats such as the PS4 and Xbox One.

“With regards to overall YouTube intake, Indian audiences are definitely cellular , with 55% of total view time in India coming out of cellular,” stated Ines Cha, Head of Gaming Posts and Partnerships for YouTube Asia Pacific in conversation with Gadgets 360.

“Inside the gamer community we are still seeing games console games dominate but like I said, cellular games are gaining ascendance amongst casual players”

Yet we wonder how hot YouTube Gaming really is. Based on Variety mentioning Program Annie information, Twitch’s Android program was the 15th hottest entertainment program in Google’s Play Store while YouTube Gambling was number 283.